Storm Chasing, 2019?

I’m in the initial stages of planning my 2019 Storm Chasing season. It’s been a long time since I was last active as a storm chaser; four years, in fact. 2014 was a rough year, we’d just lost Tim and Paul Samaras and Carl Young in the community the summer before and there was a lot of strife and discord amongst storm chasers and television news stations. But drama wasn’t the only thing that kept me from chasing the following years, a lot had changed in my personal life as well. I had not only lost interest, but also my passion for storm chasing. But, over the years my love for weather remained and would later prove to be the spark that has reignited for me the passion I once had, and the reminder as to why I ever chased in the first place. Continue reading “Storm Chasing, 2019?”