What is iPhoneography?


What isΒ iPhoneography?


“iPhoneography is the act of creating photos with an iPhone, where the images have been both shot and processed on the iOS device.Β The term is originally derived from Phoneography which is the act of creating photos shot and/or processed by a cameraphone.”

The great thing about iphoneography is anyone can do it. Smartphones these days are equipped with great cameras, and with a little know-how and a few cheap or free apps, you can take quality photos to share your stories or adventures.

I was a photographer for nearly a decade during my years as a professional Storm Chaser. My content was marketed and sold to major news networks and online content distribution companies. In 2014 I made the personal decision to adopt and live a more minimalistic lifestyle, and over the last 4 years I’ve slowly sold all of my equipment. This year, in 2018, I moved to iPhoneography.

Here’s some of the cool tools I use:

Phone: iPhone Xs MAX (Gold)

Video: ProMovie

Camera: Camera+

Edit Apps: